holiday time!

havent posted for while, many things happened :3D

well first, id like to say thanks to my addiction, which makes me still alive tonight writing something on this blog. no its not facebook, nor myspace, nor any other webs that need the net connection. neither do any difficult or interesting games nor online games or such things. its SPIDER SOLITAIRE. thanks to spider solitaire, im playing it now when suddenly get the mood to write something.

and, i joined a band! lol have i told ya before? idk, but i joined a band named GIST, with adit bagus icul and dendy. well im a newbie in this thing, but sure id like to learn. so guys on gist, please teach me looooool. (p.s : im the only girl on that band :wink:)

other thing is, i always like to write poems or short stories or something like that. but not for publicity. i keep it all closed, untouchable, and locked. and if oneday i wanna see it, i just open it. buuuuut, today i posted a 'poem' to this blog, and yesterday i told adit that i made a song lyric. well, those were parts of my poems thingy, and i published it. i used to be very shy to tell someone bout what i thought 'my secrets'. but now, i could easily publish it? lol a progress. :D

yeah that may sound stupid for some people who can easily tell someone everything happens to you, but not for me. (my besties know it), but hey im trying not to be 'introvert'. lol idk if thats a correct word cause people may see me far from that word. lol, this is meh :lol:

and, these days, me carthy and alda are busy hunting some hot boys, lol. via internet of course. we all like foreigners so we use a uk web to hunt. its so fkn fun! lol

also i havent talked to kaitlyn these days because shes in argentina now, i miss her so.
i talked to mike yesterday and today, and miss him too!
well i miss everyone, but this poem below doesnt belong to anyone i mentioned above. well i miss another one lol

and hey people its holiday time!!!!! hows your holiday been? mine? well its heaps great lol
i went to bed and woke up late EVERYDAY, and went somewhere almost everyday, hangin out, chillin, spendin my money on something not-so-useful lol, and regret it later :| but it was fun, like it like it!

well enjoy your holiday ass i do! catcha later!

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