why students failed on exams

If we think about this seriously, we cant blame the students if they couldnt pass their exams.

dont you know that we only have 365 days per year? and this is about the academic calender for students, lets see....

Sundays : 52 days in a year. im sure you all know sunday is holiday. noone studies in sunday

Days left: 313

National or international holidays : not less than 13 days per year

Days left: 300

School holidays: Of course students will have school holidays in the end of semester. Its less and more about 2 months per year. lets say 60 days

Days left: 240

SLEEPING!!!: 8 hours a day for your health, means 120 days use for sleep

days left: 120

Praying: due to the religion, we need to pray. and it needs about 25 days per year for praying.

days left: 95

Playing! : also good for health, at least needs 1 hour a day, about 15 days a year

days left: 80

EATING!!: at least we use about 2 hours a day for eating, breakfast lunch dinner, so we loose our 30 days

days left: 50

Socialize: dont forget as human being we need to socialize with others. lets say 1 hour per day for talking to others, 15 days per year

days left: 35

Sick: we can also get sick. youre not studying when you are sick arent you? well, 5 days per year is enough i think.

days left: 30

Hangin out with friends and family: at least you need once per two weeks for goin out. 26 days are gone...

days left: 4

Bad mood: theres a time when you have bad mood . couple minutes a day, lets say 3 days a year

days left: 1

Only 1 day left, and its birthday time! who would study in their birthday?

LOL, what i wrote above aint good to follow!! dont try this at home hahahhahahahah


auliafarizqa said...

LOL stupid a*hole LOL =))

achlam basalamah said...

hey im not a hole, im isabella for your info hahahah.
and im not stupid, just dont like to study XD