we love you opa

i cried when i pray
hope everything will be fine
he will getting well, get his power back

i cried when i hear
he wanted to pee, but couldnt go by himself
he wanted to pray, but forgot how
he wanted to talk, but could only do mumbling

i cried when i see
he cried when saying sorry to his mom
he cried when saying sorry to his children and grand children
he cried when he felt the pain

i cried when i know
diabetes ate his body
left him only bones and skin
with no abilities to do anything

i cried when i write this
remember he asked to just go home cause we all know theres no progress
remember he told what should be done before hes gone
remember what he had done and had given to me

Allah, please give him the best.
the best for all of us. Amen.


nugros said...

dia siapa lam??
kakek lo??

"he cried when saying sorry to his mom"

brarti yg dimaksud great-grandmother lo dong?

achlam basalamah said...

iya kakek gue. grand-grandmom gue masih hidup padahal, hampir 100tahun haha. kakek gue sakit, semoga cepet sembuh amin. doain ya