bla bla blah

lebaran, eid-ul fitr, idul fitri, victory day. it brings me happiness. lol not only the forgiving things, being together with family and stuff. but also, vacation. i had a trip to lampung yesterday, went to the beach and had fun. now im home again and will enjoy the rest of my holiday.

well i kinda dont know what exactly i feel right now, i feel like a fool. bitchy, stupid, lost my dignity. uh i hope i can go through all of this, face it well. i expect something that seems impossible. i want something i cant have. the lamest is, i bet my dignity on it and now i cant get it back. if only i listen to my head, not my heart. if only i use my brain not my feeling.
i want to get over it haha, i dont like expecting something. (would be different if i dont have to expect). in short, im trying not to think of this.

currently listening to katy perry song mannequin. haha what a song! (if someone happen to read this, i just want you to know what i feel)

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