long side-swept bangs covering my eyes

I like when I am soppy
It isn't always bad when I feel terribly unhappy
When I think of anything that doesn't make the situation better, I like it
The feeling when I can't clearly breathe, like there is something in between my lungs and heart, is unique
I love to pretend that I'm okay
I love to wonder if people know that I'm actually not
I talk to myself, in my comfort zone, knowing that nobody cares
I love it. It's good to cry while I'm showering
No one sees my tears, strengthen the speculation (or fact?) that I don't feel
I like when my mood changes
I love to enjoy my sadness
I love to hide it too, so no one would ever think that I'm a real human that also cries
I like to look for people to talk to, about the things we both know
I love many things.
The only thing I dislike is to hope that the things above are true.


Anonymous said...

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AchlamBasalamah said...

whoever you are, thank you! :)