3 months is not enough

It's July 29. I have two days left of holidays. I'm not the type to remember everything, I can't even remember how long I've had holidays. But over the past 3 months (or more), I've been to many places with many people. And even if I forgot almost everything, I've discovered many things.

I went to places that burned my skin, with friends, with family. I shopped the groceries with Dad, which never happened before. I learned how to drive (and scratched the car of course). I met some old friends. I met some new friends. I attended some farewells. I lost some friends. I bought a glasses. I ate like a pregnant pig. I slept like a Masai lion. I had a sleepover watching football matches. I swam at night. In short, I was free, as free as a bird.

I believe I've got much more than what I write above. I don't know what will happen after this holiday ends, but I'm sure my world will be totally different. And no matter how much I hate the fact that I only have two more days, there's something I can't deny. I'm afraid of college life. It's like a beginning of my adult life and my people go to different places. I will meet new people, I believe I can make friends with them but will I still recognise my old friends' faces when I meet them again one day, and will they? Will we say hi to each other when we accidentally meet?

Ah sorry, there's no point of questioning like this. I will enjoy my last two days. For sure.

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