Ugh I know I'm not supposed to be here. I should continue my paper about Lithuania and it turned out I'm waaaay too lazy to even open wikipedia page. Spider solitaire, facebook (so classy I know), and even blackberry messenger are now the problems. Where has my mood gone?

Anyway today was alright. I did the name tag thing with my group and it hasn't finished yet but it's almost done. The good thing is I know more about my new friends and I think I can start to choose whom to be best friend with. It's not like I am a choosy person of selecting friends, it's just, I don't think I can get along with someone too bossy or arrogant or too selfish and ignorant.

Ok enough with these complaints. Get back to work.

P.S: My brother will be having a week - early fasting month holidays tomorrow and I will have to start the college thing tomorrow. Even there's no holiday on saturday. Bitch

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