How I wish that you could see

"the littlest things that take me there, I know it sounds lame but it's so true. I know it's not right but it seems unfair, things are reminding me of you. Sometimes I wish we could just pretend even if only for one weekend. So come on, tell me, is this the end?"
Littlest Things - Lily Allen

My favourite song which I thought never fit in me. But I thought wrong. Boo! Few days ago I watched Superman on telly. It reminded me of you. Then my ipod randomly played Lily's song. Again it reminded me of you. I then remember how we watched movie and talked and laughed a lot about the stupid things we thought were funny. I remember after watching movie and we were about to go home, you asked if I'd like to have a late night meal and I said yes, so we went to the nearest maccas. Superman, Lily Allen, college, schoolies, homies, everything. We talked about everything. I still remember, you were proud of having the same name with Lily's brother. It was funny to see your facial expressions. And your smiles and your laughter lines and your addiction to Superman, how could I forget? It's really sad to write this thing on, knowing that I'm very pathetic and it's really embarrassing to let people read this. But I don't know how to burst things out. I am your bat girl. I still want to be your bat girl.

Karchi's comment: It's your heart taking control over your brain. Now, throw it away!
Ha, shit you K, but you're right.

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