When it comes about this country, it turns out way too cheesy

I'm not trying to sound like an expert because I know I'm not perfect. I just can't help noticing that there's something wrong here, something that brings out a real bad atmosphere. The leaders expand their power yet the people can't be any cleverer. Teenagers become young mothers. The law is purchasable. We own awful kinds of infrastructure and transportation and that's what we've got because our minds and hearts are rotten. There's nothing free and everyone's treated badly.

So what am I supposed to do as I got no clue. All I know is everyone tries to say what they think is right but they can't even unite. The obvious irony is everything's always about money. You have it you're happy, you don't have it you're grumpy. I kinda feel bad now to have wasted my money on unimportant things, knowing that there are millions of people out there willing to do everything to get it and even die trying. But you know what, instead of feeling guilty I'd rather listen to the radio and watch telly because those evil, heartless creatures are still out stealing everything like leeches sucking blood. Seems impossible for the responsible parties to get them arrested and that pretty much makes me sickened. What's with 'we live in a land of peace and we can get everything with ease'? Even mother-nature makes us feel like a goofy-goober. And I know, this is pointless but I'm not a wuss. At least I dare to care, and even if it's not gonna be easy, one day I'll give a great contribution from in or outside this country.

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