Love is always in past tense

We were so young and we fell in love.
We were blinded and thought that love would stay forever.
Though your exs came haunting,
Though my mum disliked you,
Though our friends bet we would break up in a month or two,
We passed it all.
We loved till your exs went away,
Until mum welcomed you and said she was totally impressed,
Until all our friends bet of our wedding day.
We made it.
We had been through those fights,
Through those nights you slept on the couch,
Through those tears and those fears.
We loved each other even more.
Until the day you became a father and I was a proud mother.
Until the day you pictured our baby's first teeth.
Until the day we heard him saying mama.
We loved till our baby got a little sister.
I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night,
And you were there saying gently 'you need a rest, dear, I'll take care of it'.
That kind of love I thought only existed in the fairy tales.
We loved until we dropped our kids to school.
We loved until our baby got his first report card.
We loved until we let him attending his prom.
Even we loved until our son didn't want his mum to pick him up at school.
And when our daughter had her first date.
We loved until our hair colour changed.
We loved until I complained about all those weight and you got that beer belly.
I said you should've worked out more,
And I should've consumed more diet pills.
We loved until you hugged me and said 'you look alright, dear. Nothing to worry about'.
We loved until our son received his first salary.
We loved until our daughter moved in to other town for college.
We loved until we bought a little puppy to distract my boredom.
We loved until age forced you to stop working.
We loved until I acted childishly as my monthly period started to become uncontrolled.
We loved until you used that stick to walk.
We loved until our son got married.
We loved until our daughter graduated.
I was amazed that I could be committed to you.
I was amazed to know that I could live with a man who was once a playboy, and you would laugh so hard about it.
And I was blushing hearing you said you were lucky to be mine.
And the harmony of love would add another day we were grateful to have each other.
That was the kind of love we believed would accompany us till the very end.
Because we loved until I cried while calling the ambulance.
Until you spent the nights in the hospital and I was crying all the times.
We loved until you say you loved me so much.
I loved you till you lost your last breathe.
I loved you for our family to gather again, in the funeral.
I loved you till I couldn't cry anymore.
And I loved you till I hoped I could see you again, in the other world.
I loved you till I saw you in my dreams.
I loved you till I lost my weights, I wanted it so much while you were still with me.
Then death knew I loved you too much.
And I would still love you, and I was sure you would do the same.
Our love was beyond amazing, and I knew you knew that too.

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