I don't know where to start. Mum told me the sad story behind this family. This gene that runs in my blood, I wish it was never there. Confused? So am I.

This gene. I am highly grateful to be born in this family. I mean, my parents and my siblings, but I never like the culture of this family. Not the nuclear family, the others. The way they think and talk is what I call primitive. I'm grateful to have this face, but if I could choose, I'd rather have the usual, typical Indonesian look. Not that I don't like having my dad's blood in me, I'm just, please we all are citizens of the world.

And the place I was born. I thought it was cool, until I realised that it is always the constraint of me achieving something more. Though I wasn't born in Indonesia, though some people think I don't look like an Indonesian, I am an Indonesian. I should've had the rights to do everything as an Indonesian. And I can do nothing and that makes me sick.

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