So glad it's over

"I know you're sorry and I've accepted your apologies. But now its my turn to feel sorry because I'm unable to accept you to my life anymore." -@me. (ha ha)
What takes people too long to realise they've lost the love they [maybe] love the most?
Today I had this meeting with my finance crew which ended up talking about one friend's love life. She showed us her last convo with her ex bf (which apparently happened to be my latest crush (which is so ages ago..)). Anyway, two other friends who read it earlier gave similar comments; that guy is rude and impolite and is so not a good man. My comment was too simple: 'he isn't so wrong'. They wanted me to elaborate, which kind of difficult for me to find the right words not to hurt this friend's feeling. Because I think that guy was being rational. Rationally rational, which eventually seems to really hurt my friend's feeling. And I told her that. And before I hurt her feeling again by being rational, I said that rationality is the opposite of sensitivity, you can't have them both at one time. And I didn't know if that was satisfying enough for her but I, not to attach any feelings to that ex-crush or anything, somehow didn't want her to feel that bad knowing that that guy isn't sorry to loose her. So there I was, trying to make her feeling better by saying that that guy seems to have a very bad attitude (which I think he really does, so I wasn't lying..), and that her relationships with that guy didn't work simply because his attitude didn't fit her.
I wasn't a two-faced bitch that time, for finally showing a little enthusiasm that I didn't have during the meeting. Maybe because the meeting was over. Maybe because the topic was quite interesting. Maybe because I was having that moment again, saying something a little brainy that people notice me as someone who is mature enough instead of a stupid annoying lame joker. Maybe because it was the right time to end our conversation, saying something pretty memorable so that they wouldn't notice that I was bored as hell during the meeting. Maybe because I, once again, have successfully deceived them, that I never am as interested as they are in this thing they praise. Maybe because I finally didn't have to be sorry to be a two-faced bitch. Because at the end of the day, I know everyone is a two-faced bitch.

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