What I got from trying to study

You are straightforward in your approach and know your mind basically. You can handle any situation with your poise and maturity.

You are an independent person with fine disposition and no prejudices. Negatively, however, upright writing signifies self-centeredness and rigidity. Your head rules over your heart.

You are an easygoing kind of person, but that does not mean that you are least concerned. You seek recreation and work on equal scales.

You maintain stability while handling money.

You are cautious, such that you think several times before taking an action or starting a new venture.

You want the world to see the best of you. And hence you try to project the same.

You work with the most-favourable pace and hence, do not have to conciliate between the quality and speed.

You are a dependable and trustworthy person.

You are not very ambitious and hence, do not keep your goals very high.

You handle criticism with your cool temperament and dignity.

You have reasonable keenness in the task you undertake.

You like to remain secluded and do not enjoy limelight.

You are least concerned about gratifying the world and rather look forward to your own contentment through the completion of your task.

You have a distracted and unfocused mind.

You are an extrovert and hence, like to socialize with the people.

You use your agile hands very often and are nimble in doing mechanical work.

You have a very sharp mind and utilize it in a brilliant manner.

You lack vital strength of mind and will to accomplish you work.

You are flexible and practical which works to your advantage. The balance outlook of yours helps you adapt yourself according to the crowd

Lol at 'You have distracted and unfocused mind'. Very much explaining why I'm doing this.

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