Say something and that's ok, Do something and that's probably not

You can't please everybody, so stop acting like you can. Or even more pessimistic, stop trying because it won't work.

I don't wanna sound angry because I'm not, but the idea of knowing some people I care about are actually trying to deliver something in a way that they think are right kind of annoys me. And disappoints me. More like I expect them not to do that but they did, and to know that opinions aren't always right but they don't seem to understand. People have opinions, that's natural. People have judgments, that's also normal. Judging is okay as long as they don't condemn other people, and this is the idea that's missing, because after all, people are just people like you.


Anonimose said...

yeah.. i just can't tolerate that much tolerance i suppose!

Littest Things said...

You can't expect people to have similar opinions with you. That'd be boring.

Anonymous said...

i never said everyone should have the same opinions! i just think that without some standard that sets what is acceptable and what is not, there will be chaos. let me ask you this, what separates freedom from anarchy?