Be careful of what you wish for. They might come true and when they do, they can make you laugh or cry. Either way, you'll see how twisted reality is.

I have the examples of what I wanted to have and when I finally had it, it wasn't as good as I thought it could be. I won't tell in details here, but I'd love to point out that I can't resist of wanting things for I'm a normal person and people normally want thing, but getting the things I wanted doesn't always bring happiness in certain level that I expected, because it is very possible that at times I wanted those things, I was just curious to feel how it feels to have them.

Now I'm feeling twisted (I like this word). Its weird because all this time I've been told that everything happens for a reason and that what happens is planned already by the Almighty and that its supposed to be the best for me whether I like it or not. That He gives one of 3 answers out of a wish: a yes, a yes but later, or a straight no with other alternatives. I can deal with a yes (obviously) and I've learned to deal with a no. This yes-but-later thing got me thinking. Supposed waiting increases ones' patience. Supposed waiting gives times for ones to learn. Supposed in the process of waiting, ones have gotten the very basic logic of wanting things, which is never expect too much, and therefore have let go of what they want because they thought its not good enough for them. Or supposed waiting is simply tiring and ones just give up. Then some time later, they got it as a result of a yes but later answer. I would be surprised if they aren't surprised to get what they wanted though they might have already forgotten it. If its for things, then they can laugh and go and if later they found they don't like it as much as they did, its ok because there's nothing to worry about, they can want other things and do the whole process all over again. But if its for people, can they laugh if they figured out later that they don't like them much? See? Twisted.


CNF said...

Abby ! quote yang ini "I have the examples of what I wanted to have and when I finally had it, it wasn't as good as I thought it could be" itu Retweet banget :) everyone's problem ya kayanya, hehe. Nice post btw :)

Littest Things said...

Thanks, Nay. Kalo semua orang ngalamin berarti bukan problem ya sebenernya haha