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I've been here for 5 days, and so many things happened, I've just been too lazy to come here and post something. Anyway, after few days of getting lost in Seoul, I've finally made friends. I can't imagine how lost I can be without them all, I mean, considering I'm here all alone and stuff. So.

Anyway, today was the first day of class. Actually there were 2 classes I had to take today, but things got a bit complicated and funny here. The first class was a dance class, it was supposed to be at 1 pm at multimedia centre. A Malaysian friend and I were 30 minutes late because we couldn't find the class (because it wasn't clear), so when we arrived the class was over. Ha, dance class every monday sounds fun, no?

The second one was strategic management at 6pm. I was outside the campus with some friends and I had to go back alone because I was the only one having night class there. So I was kinda in hurry (because I had to have early dinner first, a cheap early dinner because I can't afford this kind of lifestyle, YET), so yeah, in a hurry. And when I reached the class, ta da, class was cancelled. Some gentleman told me the class was cancelled and there's going to be a make up class on monday. So considering that I'm all alone, I (yes it was me) asked his email address so if anything I could contact him. He was nice though, friendly good looking and stuff, and I hope it's going to be fun. The class is going to be fun. cough cough.

So tonight I'm going to have a dinner with my Korean roommate, I don't know what we're going to have but I hope it's fine. So catch ya later.

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