Angry Lady

Once upon a time there was an angry little lady. There was no single time where she wasn't upset at something.

One day when the skies were grey, she walked up to a bunch of familiar faces and decided to have a little chat. Good, as she thought to herself, that it wasn't a reason she should be mad. But little did she know that these faces that once were good enough were changed already. Long story short they pitied her, and complimented her at the same time, for being the angry little helpless woman that she was at the time.

After the crowd faded away, she continued being the same angry lady. Alone as always, she tried to figure out why everything fell and she couldn't catch. The idea of her telling the people she thought she knew about what happened to her, to whine and to complain like normal people, ended up upsetting her again. Why, to the drops of water she asked, would she feel that way?

At the end of the day, getting herself busy was always the perfect distraction she always needed. "The busier the better", once she whispered to her angry soul. But the more she thought about what to get her busy, the more she lost herself in her anger and her sorrow. But before she turned into a woman hulk, she decided to cut her little imaginary world and got back to reality for a while.

There was nothing she could hear but the sound of the aircon that blew the fake cold air to the room. Everything was dark yet so peaceful. As she saw some signs flashing to her brain, forcing her to connect one more time to her surroundings, quickly she grabbed her smiling mask and put it on. The smile was not big, yet convincing enough for the people she was mad at to believe it wasn't fake.

Once upon a time where people were too busy to be the fittest, there was a little angry lady trying to deceive a huge world.

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