Random Rants

"I think it's true, you can be scary sometimes. Scary as in, how harsh you can be to yourself, and what's inside your head".

It was raining all day. Perfect, to add to the constant battle inside my mind. There was no better time to philosophise everything than a few-minute stop out of traffic I passed by to get to work.

But c'est la vie say the people from the west. Whatever, says another. Aren't we all going to die in the end? It shouldn't matter whether we understand or not, whether we like or enjoy it or not, it will pass somehow and it won't matter. But I'm a stubborn kid, a very impatient one. Everything needs to have an answer or else, I'd go crazy in trying to finding them. And I know what I need now. I need to be told that I'm fine, and I need to slow down. My previous journey taught me one thing; listening is important.

And by listening, it's not always to listen to other people's problems and take a note. Not always to be present to hear any news from them. Sometimes all it takes is to listen to the tiny details, to the insignificant or even somehow the irrelevant little things that make big things. Sometimes they're forgotten, and sometimes the forgotten things are the most important ones.

"If we run out of things to say
I promise I won't make you feel bad
We'll just roll the windows down
We'll drive around this town
and be."

Be - Daley

Or more like, if I run out of things to say, I promise I won't make you feel bad. I'd love to listen to your rants, and analyse you, and get lost in my thoughts of you, while you drive around this town. But I'd tell you, how much I love listening to you, and that I'm just weird I won't talk until I feel enough. But one thing that normally happens, you can't even stop me from talking, and being fun, and smiling, and excited for telling you stupid things, when I like you.

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