On the rooftop

So last night we were on the rooftop having a late night conversation, accompanied by the moon light and a surprisingly quiet surrounding given the fact that we were actually right at the heart of this very busy city. We could see all the skyscrapers in a short distance, all over us, but there was no other noise than ours. I was amazed, not only for the existence of such place, but also for what really happened. I didn't expect it to be like that. But it was nice, I don't know, it was extremely nice. I felt excited, and comfortable, and open, and also surprised that I let myself do that to someone new.

There was a bench on the rooftop but we were sitting on the floor, as described by my friend as 'to have the more picnicky feeling'. It was only the water that we had every time a story ended. No other things. No phone, no watch, sometimes a mosquito or two but they didn't really bother because time flew really quickly it was already 1am. Then I said I needed to go home because it was late. So we went down, and I was looking for a toilet, which ended up I was invited over to the bedroom (where the toilet was because it was a dorm-like flat). And who could imagine what happened. My friend showed me around (this is what I didn't expect. Well, it wasn't big so in a minute I could see everything), and we talked some more. We were even engaged in a more interesting conversation. More surprises, more revealed secrets, more trusts.

I don't know what hyped me up last night but I wasn't tired at all. I felt like I could do that all night. Maybe because, I admit, yes I haven't done that in a very long time, and I kinda missed doing that. But of course I couldn't, for I could see in those eyes of my friend's that ok, someone needed to sleep. 2am. I finally excused myself to go.

I don't know now how my friend would think of me, but a message saying 'I don't know for sure if things will stay the same, but if not, I hope to see you again sometime for a coffee or a chat'. And that was enough for me. 'Good night', and we hugged.

Maybe that was the first real hug I've had since forever.

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