If I were a ............

" the grass is always greener on the other side"

thats what people always think about.
idk maybe thats just so human, like, always want what other people have instead of being grateful of what they already have. and I, as a human, sometimes also do that. and here are my "If I..." lists.

1. If i were a pilot, i might be able to go everywhere in the world.
but, i would have no time for seeing my family and friends.

2. If i were a doctor, i would be rich and be able to cure millions of peoples disease.
but i kinda scared of blood and could easily throw up when seeing something 'disgusting'

3. If i were a teacher, i would teach many students. and if the students became a succesful person in the future, itd be great to be someone behind 'someone'.
but, i sometimes ignored the teachers when theyre saying something i dont like. and itd be possible for them to ignore me too. it wouldnt be good to be ignored. (then why am i ignoring teachers?? ooh sorry :| )

4. If i were a superstar, i would be famous, gotta know many important people, living glamorously, would have a brand new car, and would have everything i want.
but i gad to say good bye to my privacy. well privacy is priceless, i wont change it into anything.

5. If i were a mother, i would be the happiest woman on earth when seeing my children grew up and became good men.
no buts for this one.

6. If i were a president, i might be the busiest person on earth. i would meet many important persons from every single country in the world, and would be one of the most important person alive.
but i would have no time for, shopping? going to mall with family and friends? hahah, and other unimportant-but-fun thingy.

7. If i were a businesswoman, i would build some companies and would be very rich.
and i dont know what the buts are cause i really wanna be a businesswoman. [=

well, so far, ive got the point. its like, no matter who you are, what you are, there will always be consequences for everything. just depends on how you see it, from the good or bad side. well your life, your decision! just make sure you think a lot before decide a thing.

!@#!$ idk why im posting this. ha! C:


Anonymous said...

isn't discontent the reason we all want to move forward? :D

muahaha anonimity is awesome!

achlambasalamah said...

haha couldnt agree more!

and, i think i still can recognise who you are, anonymous. huahahahahh