everything happens for a reason

things happen for reason, its just somehow we dont know what the reason is.

why am i writing those sentence? because, i sometimes cant understand why people always blame on the situation when it goes wrong.

a true story, when 2 days ago i went to senayan with cina shita and gita to watch indonesia open 2009. the games began at 5 pm, but to get the tickets we had to make a line since 10 am. wtf it was freakin hot, and we had to wait for a looooong time to get those freakin tickets. and there were so many barbarians in the line, and cina, who really wants to the the tickets, was the only one got in the line. it was pathetic to see him. after waiting for hours, we (cina) finally got the tickets :D

while waiting for the game to began, cina said:
"shit, can you see there were so many barbarians out there, asking me to buy them any tickets. fuck, i smell so bad! everyone around me were smoking, and it was fkn hot out there! fuck!!! i had to wait for hours to get these tickets. "
and hours before, when we were about to go to senayan, we agreed to go at 7.30. i already met gita at 7.40, and then shita came and said "cina were phoned me minutes ago. he said hed just woke up!" omg we had to wait for him till 8.30.

and, voila! we had to wait for cina, and cina had to wait for hours to get the tickets. hahahah well, God knows the best. Now you know cina, everything happens for a reason =]


fajar said...

setuju gue lam ama lo.. :)
bdw, di posting yang ini banyak amat kata2 sumpah serapahnya yaa? hha

achlam basalamah said...

haha itu true story jar, kan ceritanya cina yang ngomong. bukan gue, gue kan anak baik2 :o