things between indonesia and malaysia

omg, the tittle sounds so.. erm, difficult? idk.

i just hate it when people here say 'i hate malaysia'. okay, seems like many reasons make it possible for us, indonesians, to hate them. like, the terrorist stuff, dr. azahari or so, came from malaysia. the reog ponorogo and other indonesian cultures being stolen, and the sipadan and ligitan islands, and now the ambalat island plus the violence from kelantan royal. well i personally believe that its very very not fair to judge all malaysians are bad or having criminal minds or else. okay lets describe it one by one, why i dont like people to stereotype all malaysians.

first, the terrorist. i think nobody in this world wants such a thing like war or bomb or whatever it is. we ALL want peace. (except the selfish ones who want the world becomes like what they want). but im pretty sure Malaysians didnt want it to be happened just as we didnt want it too. like, if they were planning on all of these, like wanted to make all people other than islam dissapear (thats all i know about it. and im Muslim, im Islam, and i REALLY dont want it. and so do other moslems i believe), why they chose Indonesia? WHY??? we all know Indonesia is a country with the biggest Muslims population. so i think its not fair to say malaysians wanted to destroy indonesia because theyre jealous with us. i mean, seriously, why indonesia which is so close to them. sooo, its NOT because of it. its just the unresponsible ones job :(

and next, our cultures being 'stolen' by them. well, who doesnt know that our cultures are similar to theirs? and i have a malaysian friend, who is a javanese just like me. so whats the difference? i mean, it is a lesson for us to keep what we have as well. dont regret anything, just move on and see what we can do next. (we had this -things-being-stolen- for like ages. after the artsy thingy, the islands). well i myself think i cant do anything ut support the govt. and so do others i think, and so do malaysians. so we are similar!! why should we hate them?

and, the violence and abuse thingy seem make it all become worse. like, hellooooo? it all comes back to them individually. again i say dont stereotype people like that. the violence can happen to everyone everywhere. still remember the ''lisa face-off' case? shes the victim of violence, by his husband, an indonesian man. see? why people do not hate indonesians? because theyre indonesians too? and the kelantan royal? because theyre NOT indonesians, we can hate them? omg that sounds so racist. haha thats funny to say 'racist', because we have the same race with them. so whats that? i dont know but all i know is, we have to put away our prejudice.

so, i am indonesian, i havent been to malaysia before, but i proudly say i do not hate malaysia. i have many malaysians friends. theyre nice. as nice as indonesians friends, and so many others from wherever they are. maybe many of the problems we have are way more political. or also more private. but it makes it getting 'hot' between these 2 countries. so people, who claimed their selves 'malaysians hater' or whatsoever the name is, please look around. isnt there anything you can do beside criticize anything related to malaysia? or, are you good enough to judge something is wrong or bad? well, lets spread the love and the peace. love for all hatred for none :D


fajar said...

lo udah kayak mau debat,
speaker ke berapa lo? hhe :p

fajar said...

lo udah kayak mau debat deh,
speaker ke berapa lo? :p

achlam basalamah said...
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-anonimose- said...

the problem i think is we as a people tend to think the world revolves around us, that's why it creates all these paranoia with them being 'out to get us' and what not.

the whole manohara thing, i don't really get (because i frankly hold no compassion to people who make tv shows out of personal trauma) but i think it's because the actors have higher social standings than other cases? making it such a scandal.

my 2.. no 1 cent! :'D telaat ya ha ha ha ha ha :|

achlambasalamah said...

haha. but this case wasnt this big before that 'freak show' thingy, twitch! lol i dont give a fuck to them whosoever they are, but they, like it or not, caused a big problem about these 2 countries and i dont like it. we shouldnt hate them. malaysia boleh? hahah

ps : i know they hate us too

-anonimose- said...

no for that i blame the media, they tend to blow up so many things and make it overly dramatic.

malaysia boleh!

masa sih mereka juga ga suka? setelah gw bela gini.. now i sound like a hypocrite defender....

achlambasalamah said...

haha. iyalah gak suka, they hate those who hate them. gak heran juga sih gue.

kok gue jadi lebih suka jamannya soeharto ya? media lebay langsung ditutup. dollar murah. permen 100 dapet banyak. oh noooooes!

-anonimose- said...

oh yeah, dictatorship, people disappearing mysteriously and showing up in rivers, college kids being shot.. thooose were the days! :D

but if they hate us simply for the sake of returning our hate then i shall not take part in this mass ridicule!

achlambasalamah said...

whoaaa! i shouldnt say that then. sorry.

and yea, thats why i made this post, which i knew later that many people from many countries reading this, malaysia, singapore, even england and switzerland? they googled it and this post was on the first page of google! yes i am awesome xD haha. for the sake of make people aware that we shouldnt hate each other. but idk if this can change peoples thoughts and so we can create a better life :D

well i wish. haha

-anonimose- said...

yeaaa why ARE your blog posts the first to show in google? lol, i googled my name and the first post was your proof of my defaming a dead man.. good luck on your mission!

actually, those things still happen, people still mysteriously disappear and college kids get shot all the time. and as far as dictatorship, i think it's for the best, im not sure indonesia is ready for democracy.

achlambasalamah said...

wooow! i dont know im that awesome. haha! you should thank me, i helped you be more.. eh famous? haha

and i still think that i like soehartos era better. maybe because i felt the good impacts only.

ohmy, i cant believe im talking about something brainy. lol

achlambasalamah said...


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First of all thank you for reading and giving respond to this article. I would really love to hear your opinion about it.

Anyway first Anonymous, what do you mean by functioning black method? I don't get it sorry :)