MANOHARA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep guys, this time i will do a little gossiping. its about, manohara. as we know everyone everywhere is talkin bout her ryt now. well, im glad shes back honestly, but idk whys everything always about her. in infotainments, okay its fine its just the right place i think. yet, at news channels? i was watching tvone last night and the night before last night, expecting to see prabowo or else about politic thingy (yea i AM a very freak-almost-17-yo young woman with no interest in such things called gossip or sinetron or other freakin programs). and i was a bit surprised to see manohara there. and because of theres no other interesting programs, i just watched it :p. like, she met her mum in singapore, and with the help from us embassy, singapore police, and indonesian embassy (?), she could go home.

according to my opinion, (and im pretty sure others except kerajaan kelantan from malaysia think the same way too), its a very horrible thing for manohara to be 'kidnapped' and got phisically mentally and sexually abused by the prince of kerajaan kelantan (or the whole kerajaan kelantan? idk sorry). its like a nightmare for a 17 yo girl, just the same age with me, being married with someone much older than her, lives so far from her family, havin no idea about what its gonna be like, or even how her familys goin. and plus the abuse thingy! omg thanks god she could pass it 'safely', well not that safe but its good to see her, erm, alive.. and smiles happily. lol

but ironically, the indonesian embassy of malaysia and singapore, didnt help her well. thanks god she has 2 citizenships, indonesian and american, in which can make her get a help from the us embassy. buuuuuuut, as an indonesian, she didnt get what she should get from indonesia. then what people may think about indonesia huh? :think:

well actually i dont know much about her, thats just a little 'knowledge' i got. to sum up, just wanna say welcome home, manohara! wish her and her family all the best. and also, wish there would be no other manohara in the whole world. amen

p.s : when im writing this post, tamaras online lol. we chat on msn, for a few minutes. shes gotta go for hwking. lol nice talkin to ya dude :)

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