todddddaaaayyyy :)

yeayyyyy!!!!!!!!!! today i was talking to mike on skype for almost an hour. soooooooo dang happy to heard his voice and to talked to him again. and ive just known that he can do beat boxing!!!! and he did a little to show me. wooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo :D

and beside, today i had a P.E test in which there were no other lessons today, and thats good. it was for my class and yasmins class so it was great. after did the test we (the whole 10 mother fingers) took pictures together for the very first time being together in photo. and, ...... what a crazy we were like taking more than 50 pics!!! lol

and i did the basket volley and table tennis for test and also played softball with gita shita tussy and others. it was fun. and the greatest was, got home earlier :) i love today as well hahaha

okay thats all for today, i think i gotta go because aunty ima wants to use the compy. well, tata for now !

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