japan trip december 2008

well its been 7 months after the trip, but ill try to tell you about that, since i havent told about the whole things and i really have a bad memory. so ill tell you the things i still remember lol.

dec 3rd 2008. around 7? (cant remember)
at soekarno-hatta airport- indonesia, got ready to go

dec 4th 2008.
arrived at narita airport- japan.

indonesia bus1

went to nikko hotel at chiba (not sure), got a lil briefing, jenesys sweat shirt and coat, handbook and stuff.

had lunch at a japanese restaurant near the hotel. went sightseeing to the temple around the restaurant.

at the restaurant

outside the restaurant. lol at the indian boy :p

i ate japanese foods that day, and it tasted like crap. oh well i didnt like jap foods (till i ate okonomy-yaki!) but the yoghurt was yummy! love it lol

met peeps from malaysia and india, but didnt talk much with them. got closer to olga, dilla, avi, erica, ajeng, gratia, and others.

dec 5th 2008.
got another briefing at a hall, in which we couldnt eat or drink inside, no chewing gums, no restroom during the briefing time. it was kinda boring that most of us were sleepy, until we met the whole 600 peeps from 7 countries for the first time. (guys from thailand werent there yet because of their local problems)

the hall
at the lunch break we made friends so fast lol. we, indonesian met some australians who interested into the traditional indonesian clapping game. (emily zac tezza and others). it was quite fun, i played the game with tezza and that was the first time i met him, then we asked what chapter we would go and what a surprise we would go to the same chapter, fukui! then we all took pics together.

after playing the clapping game

then we divided into bus groups (each 30 students plus 3 teachers). i went to bus J with olga and sari (from indonesia), caitlin halley saskia from new zealand, azim mie ari from malaysia, ren joseph beato from the philippines (they are awesome lol), sejal shreyanshi taiyaba from india, tamara kaitlyn kirby tezza (one who played clapping game with me) michael ryan sarahay lynette courtney janette maddie ashleigh from australia. and ms. robyn abrahams from australia, ms ann from the philippines, and another australian teacher i cant remember her name. and also the awesome tour guides, mitchi-san and tomo-san, and the coolest volunteers ibuki and sho! lol

GROUP J!!!! <33 span="">

what a good news i went to the same bus with olga. we were like already close before the bus group (came from the same chapter, jakarta), and we would go together for like 2 weeks! wohoooo lol

while waiting for our bus we introduced our selves and played a game. i introduced my self as A. because people might find it difficult to say my name.
and we played a game. like all the peeps made a circle, and a volunteer wasnt in the circle and closed their eyes, and one in the circle started to make some movements and the others followed him. and the volunteer came back to the circle and guess who started the movements. lol i was the volunteer once looooool.

then our bus came and the fantastic trip began.

flight to hiroshima ........

flight to hiroshima, with olga. and courtney from australia. she reminds me of gita ha!

we went to some places (i couldnt remember the names :'(
hmm, well it might be miyajima itsukushima shrine at miyajima island. it was snowy and i was freezing! we went there by ferry and it was damn cold. buuuuut, the scenery was frikin beautiful lol.

miyajima itsukushima shrine

dec 6th 2008.
visited hiroshima atomic bomb dome, and a monument of peace (idk what they named it, but that was a girl named sadako statue with lots of paper cranes, symbol of peace).

well the bomb was scary, but salute to jap govt which could turn that scary things into a great interesting historical building. :thumbs up:

hiroshima atomic bomb dome

dec 7th 2008. kobe
visited kobe eartquake memorial park. another great place to go.
that was a horrible earthquake happened in japan at about 1970-ish (dony remember), and what can i say, i saw the museum and gosh it was horrible! (the earthquake was, not the museum lol)

ate okonomy-yaki, the best japanese food ive ever eaten!

dec 8th 2008. still at kobe maybe lol.
thailand girls came! fhun tingting and luktan. they are all nice.
divided into chapter groups. kanazawa, fukui, and i cant remember another one :(. 10 students (1 from each country except 4 from australia) plus a teacher each. i went to fukui with tezza tamara kaitlyn kirby caitlin beato fhun sejal azim and ms. robyn.

to be continued.....

ps : ill post some pictures soon. the net runs fkn slow right now :(

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