random chat

before i continue the japan trip, wanna write something bout random shits.

saturday jul18th2009, disctarra margo city

me: where are we goin after this?
gita: what?
(backsound: michael jacksons earth song, played loudly)
gita (angrily): shut up michael, youre dead!
me: hahahhaha!


monday jul20th2009,
cina and habib had to have bed rest at mitra keluarga hospital.

cina: many of our friends got sick these days
carthy: really? why?
me: i think thats because the holiday ends. well habib, where did you get the fever from?
habib: school i guess
me: oh jeez, i think ill tell my mum that school isnt safe anymore. so i dont have to go to school again :D


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