i feel much better

i wasnt okay this morning
but now im fine, really really fine
idk why, am tired to be sad
just realised that ive found my character from long long time ago lol
being loud and create some noise
being a wag and joking around is my specialty
so sorry if anyone get hurts of that
but this is me
you know i never meant to insult or hurt everyone
maybe jokingly insulting sometimes lol
but thats it, so sorry again people
im happier than ever now
thanks for people whos been there for, err cheering me up?
or asking me whats up? lol
i might not like that but hey, you care about me!
thanks mates!

and oh, just realize that many people are reading my indonesian-malaysian post, what i call the smartest post ive ever made lol. spread it over!

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