the new school policy is a crap

today is a holiday. lol actually i didnt go to school since 2 days ago because they did nothing at school, and monday was indonesias independence day so we didnt study, just played some funny games lol. so, here i am, got a week -welcoming fasting month- holiday, in which the fasting month starts at saturday. lucky uh? lol

and, nothing really happened today but my uncles comment of me joining violin class. like, today i was about to go for my violin class when i met my uncle, he saw me carrying the violin and 'jokingly' asked why i joined that class because it would bring no good to me. and he also suggested me to take language or computer class.

well, seriously, whats so wrong about violin? okay i know im in year 12 of fkn high school and im supposed to study harder and stuff, take some extra lessons out there which i already do, and its sucks. but, still i dont know what so wrong about it. its like, 7 days of a week, 24 hours a day which means 168 hours a week, i have to study! the new school policy which is very tiring and untolerable forced me to study from 7 to 3 every day, from 6 soon. 45 hours a week, soon will be 50 hours a week i have to study. at school. for the sake of passing the goddamn final exam (UN). and plus i have to take extra lesson twice a week 2 hours each. 4 hours a week. so it means, i already take almost 60 hours a week for studying at formal places! excluding study at home for the routine tests. soooo, is that wrong if i take the violin class which only consumes my 30 minutes a week?? man i need to refresh my brain!

today i talked to my NewZealander friend named Andrew, and i told him about my school time. and he said 'so im talking to a zombie now?' and yeah, im so going to be a zombie if i had to do this 'routinity' for longer time. a year. a year!!!!!! i really wish a year wouldnt feel that long :|

so okay, that was the shit for today. i really need to sleep now and stop my addiction to spider solitaire. so catch ya later! :]

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