nobody turns to be somebody

so today i met an old friend whom ive never met since i graduate from elementary school. it was a quick meeting, we just said hi to another because i was about to go with stev and chopis. well actually, i could stop for a moment and have a chat with her, remember that we havent met for years. buuuuut, i couldnt help going and dont wanna talk to her. um sorry i dont mean to be mean but, we werent that close and i can say that she was kinda nerd or something and noone really wanted to talk to her, like she had a bad habbit and stuff so people didnt talk to her. in short, she was nobody. sorry to say.

but today, what i saw was different. i didnt see a nerd with noone around her but a chick with boys around her (seriously, all boys! she was the only girl) i was kinda surprised, yes i did recognise her, but ive never thought that she could be that different! just realise how the people changes so much.

so, the nobody seems to turn to be somebody now. so beware, somebody! theres so many nobodies out there that could steal your place. LOL sorry for this stupid info.

oh, and i am nobody. but have you heard that nobodys perfect? LOL ;p

and, today is the first night of Ramadhan, the fasting month. i just love the euphoria so much even im not gonna do the fasting tomorrow, (yes, girl thingy ugh i miss the first days of it ). and stevano told me that, he, who doesnt do the fasting stuff, also feels excited about it and doesnt want to miss the happiness of it lol. his family also 'celebrates' Ramadhan. haha im happy to hear that. Islam is a good religion, im very sad to know many people connect it with terrorism activity :(
but oh well, its not the time to discuss it!

oh, and im deleting some unknown 'friends' on facebook. so if you who know me but i dont know your full name or i deleted you, please tell me, ill add you again lol.

happy fasting people! :grin:


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