how strong the 3 words can be

sorry people, after long time not posting anything ill write something not so good now.

well yesterday my friend told me about how the 3 words, i love you, can change anything. i mean, seriously, i know its such strong words but ive never thought to say it to anyone. and she told me her story, about when she said i love you to her mum and dad. i was like, ohmy ive never thought of it, of saying love to my folks. and she said i shoukd try to because itll bring a very good effect, like after she said that to her mum, her mum hugged her and do other sweet stuffs. and so did her dad. and that time, i remember i got a problem with them, i fought with them right before i slept over at school. and i was so sad to think about it and i decided, to leave my ego behind, and sent them sms. i said 'sorry for today, i love you..'

sweet eh? i thought so. i wondered what they would reply. i wondered theyd say i love you too, or if thats too sweet at least theyd say it was okay they forgive me or something. but you know what ive got?
nothing. no replied. nothing. not a thing.

dont they know it was hard for me to say that? okay i didnt say it directly but still, it was hard for me. and they didnt reply. not even asked how i was and how the event at school was. after i got home, they were home too, but they didnt talked to me. okay i didnt meet them. i took shower and went sleeping but hey, they coukd talk to me if they want. they could say anything, ask about anything if they want.

okay thats it. i dont know whom to tell this so i just post it here, ill go take some tissues now.
see ya!

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