reminiscing about lovely childhood

today i went tarawih with my childhood friend, yelin. she lives next door and we were like always playing together when we were kids with two other friends tiva and tera. i spent most of my time with them. i grew up with them.

i cant remember the exact year, but we laughed, being mean, cried, fought, and did other stuff together. even swam at the flood, swam at little river which was far from a word clean lol, jogged in the morning, collected cards from a street lol, played at a ditch, being stupid, and soooo many. thats just so sweet for me, having a wonderful childhood. we were so mean! but we knew we were weak lol. we made a baby, one of our neighbour, angry and wanted to kick us, and her mom saw it and said something to her angrily, and we laughed! how mean lol, but was funny for us. we even asked for free donut everyday to a donut seller. bad us. but again it was funny.

then time passed by, as we grew up, we rarely meet each other. once we met, the convo had turned. guy, boyfriends, and stuff. no more stupid childish jokes. oh wow, how the years take parts of our life!

and now, one of my friend tiva already moved to padang, dude, far far away from here. her house is also soon gonna be sold. her house was our basecamp :( she didnt say anything to me. i just knew it today. and the last time we met was months ago, went shopping to pim. lol pathetic.

and the convo now is about university. yes thats true, when were we first met? '96? and now its 2009. 13 years weve been friends! and soon, ill have my own worlds, without them inside.

oh well, i love them. they made me being like this haha. i hope we all will have a great bright future, guys :)

yelin tiva terra! *hug*
lol catcha later

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