undefined emotion

ive seen it all like a slow motion
im the victim of time corruption
cant get rid of it coz it all already happened
im looking for a place to go but im all alone

im not a racist but why people are
being discriminative well that makes war
im not overreacted its not only about the car
i had already discovered your laughters over my tears

i wanna cry and wanna be unseen
all this time ive been tired worrying bout my sins
im sick, everythings boring
i wonder when i could go and when they could give me a sign

i dont like crying
and they say im a robot and have no feeling
if only they knew i wanna be like them
easily tell anyone whats bothering your mind
but again, this is how im programmed to be
i dont know if its good but i cant change it

im sick and im weak
i deserved hatred coz im a freak

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