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heeeey so many people read my things between indonesia and malaysia post. that was my opinion couple months ago. and now, things happened again, the indonesian dance, tari pendet, was also claimed by malaysia. oh well, that thing made indonesian angrier, and it came the malaysian national anthem that people said 'copied' indonesian old song. well idk whos right or wrong and i dont give a shit, i just want you to know that we (still) shouldnt hate them. and the things arent that big now, and i think its already clear. i dont know.

do not hate others, keep in peace!
oh, and people who read the article, please leave comments. i see that people from other countries read that, i wanna know what you think about it. thank you :grin:


zain said...


I'm a Malaysian who frequently travel to Jakarta & Bandung, my view on this is that what these groups are trying to do is hurt Indonesia more than they want to hurt Malaysia. They are using hate tactics like Bush did on the Patriot Act for Americans. Before the major Indonesia election I talked to many Indonesian about their stand on who they will vote for and not surprising they are going for SBY. This Anti-Malaysia tactics is only a part of their tactics to bring down SBY, with their stupid comments about how SBY causing the earthquakes (if he's that powerful they should really be afraid of him) and other nonsense stuff they throw on him to make him step down, I'm not surprised that this is another way to undermine his authority even more. I live around and with successful Indonesians that's making a peaceful and prosperous living in Malaysia, some of them who don't even want to go back ever again (maybe there's nothing left for them there anymore) that tell me all these ignorant pawns are only doing it because they have nothing worthwhile doing in their lives, the politicians see this as a great opportunity to use them as expendable pawns, create chaos on the streets as they pressure your President more in their luxurious office/home, while these people put themselves in pain and stress over matters that been blown up by politicians who's doing it while having sex with innocent young girls/boys, sipping from their champagne glasses and laughing as they watch their hate seed grew on TV. I'm not here to tell you things don't happen in Malaysia, all the shit happened to the maids, etc. but trust me that it happened to Malaysians too, if I get RM1.00 every time my frustration about Malaysian authority comes up, Bill Gates will be my personal slave. The only difference about Malaysia and Indonesia is (what I love most) that you guys have this policy, "kebebasan berkarya asal tidak mencemar agama", wish I can say that about Malaysia, there's a lot to be said about politics, but the only thing I hope is that Malaysians does not react stupidly on this (I know they plant their hate seeds everywhere to get a reaction) because this is what they hate mongers want, for us to react. Don't feed this root of evil, let them be and they will die if we look at it as just a political move to create destructive chaos (there's a beautiful chaos if you're wondering), don't hate these people that says they hate us but sympathize on their ignorance, politics does not rule our lives and please do not let it rule our mind. Our planet is sick, there are more urgent matters that we should put our minds and effort towards. Watch this video, listen to it, there's a lot of language for it.

achlambasalamah said...

um okay, first of all, thanks for commenting! youre comment is like much longer than my post haha

and yea, i do think that theres someone behind this all who wants to make a war between indonesia and malaysia, well people know these two countries are close to each others, have good cultures and stuff and even have big population of muslim. i dont know what they think but im sure its not good for us. well if we didnt take their 'hate seeds' we wouldnt be like this. and for whatever reasons we should be together as one. :)

talking bout politics makes me feel, smart? hahahaha its just i hate the hatred