its so confusing it makes me confused

today i made songs with spontaneous lyrics! lol that was funny coz i just played some random chords on guitar and yasmin and i just said things that came out to our minds. i made those lame but funny rhymes too haha, it was fun!

then when i got home i tried to make song for my band, i found that lyrics with rhyme but when i was about to write it down, my bro iwah asked me to go to the harvest for buying a cake for my dads birthday. so i havent finished it yet now. i lost the mood haha

but anyways thats it for today nothing really happened but that guy texted me. well its been a week since i got laid and i didnt hear anything from him that time. but then, suddenly, with no signs, he texted me. actually it was yesterday, in the middle of the night, he asked if i was still awake but i wasnt. so i wb the next morning (today). he said he couldnt sleep that night and since he knows me as batgirl coz i always stay up late he texted me, to accompany him. okay thats sounds sweet but its not really. i mean, what does he think i am? lol idk i kinda get over him but he started to talk to me again, which makes me feel that he .. um, needs me, and i dont like it! why cant boys show it obviously if they want to be with us or they dont? i dont mind if i liked a guy and he didnt 'love' me back and he ignored me. i know its hurtful, well at least at first, and i know what to do next. not like this. well hes not hurting me atm, but i found it reaaaally confusing. okay this is getting to much lol i will just see it, see how it goes.

well also i feel sorry for those who suffer the earthquake in padang and pariaman, and also the flood in the phillipines. i hope everything will be okay soon.



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achlambasalamah said...

? lol youre welcome

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