happppppyyyyyyyy :)

h a p p y !!!!!!!!!
okay basically today was quite boring, but kaitlyn and alfie made my day :D

i had this fun convo with kaitlyn, like idk maybe because we havent talked for ages so when it comes the time i finally could talk to her again it was just good and exciting. oh well i miss you kait :)

and, today atha had her birthday party in which i couldnt come because (dramatically pause), the rain. yep thanks to the rain. i was about to go riding my motorbike and in my half way there, its raining and i was so fkn wet! so i went back home and here i am. haha it may sound dramatic buuuut, i quite enjoy that. because, haha as the boredom comes i texted him. and it ended up were texting each other now. haha what a metaphor! :D

hahahah dont tell me what i feel about him, cause i dont know. im happy when im talking to him, yea thats it. i dont care about dignity anymore, i have already lost it. haha, i dont care....

im happy hahahhah! can i be anymore obvious?

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