heart takes its part

I got so much love
For you and i,
I wanna let you know how I feel
And its true that I love you
And it's true your the only one
and I do,I adore you
And its true
You make me feel alive
alive - black eyed peas

oh this is so funny :)
ive heard people died and stayed for this
ive heard people cried and laughed too
and i know how it turns me crazy and happy before and after reading his texts
i think i got too much oestrogen this time
haha oh whatever it is, im so happy
even for that i have to loose my dignity, to him, to my friends too :p
i dont give a shit ..
i dont think i want more
but i do feel it
this is the time when i cant think logically cuz the heart takes its part
this is the time when i cant stop looking at my phone cuz i expect him texting me
this is the time when i suddenly realise that my blog posts have been full of this stupid little thing that made me crazy lately
this is the time when i woke up in the morning and found out that i got a message, and expected too much that i disappointed later cuz it wasnt from him, even the same message
this is the time when im trying so hard to not texting him first, in the name of dignity
this is the time when i realise that he might think that were just good friends, well i hope we are
and i sometimes think maybe he still likes my friend
and also i think that maybe he thinks this wont work because of his past
then i wonder why should he be nice?
i think im thinking too much that im trying so hard to not thinking about it
i can not.
i could easily say i wouldnt text him today
and next i found it so hard to not do such thing
and i remember when we have just started things
it made me smile
haha oh well this is trully a junk for people, for strangers
i dont know, its like my heart leads my fingers to type these words, without asking permission to my brain
haha oh whatever, im enjoying this atm
even i have to wait for oh so long
and have to throw my dignity away
and even its so logically unacceptable
i do enjoy this

comment from my brain : fuck you heart!


fajar said...

comment from fajar:
lam, this is really sweet.. haha
anyway, kayaknya ini tuh seperti lirik lgu lo yang pernah lo nyanyiin ke gue itu ya? yang gue ampe mau nangis itu haha

achlambasalamah said...
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