absurdity of thursday night

life life life
i wonder how my life would be
when im getting older, i wonder what i would see
i wonder where i would live
wonder when i could be happy
and when i cried and someone wiped my tears

tears tears tears
i realise how empty my feeling could be when a thing disappears
i wonder why i waste my tears for stupid things
when my friend saw me crying i wonder what she thinks

think think think
i wonder what people think of me
when they looked at me and got to know me
i wonder how it feels when i hurt them
and acted as if im innocent

yesterday, today, tomorrow, whats so different?
im dreaming but then realise that im wasting
time sure flies when youre having fun
well time also flies when im having shit
whats so different?

regretting, apologising, thanking
my life would never been this colourful without those things

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