the birthday melody

i forgot what day today was this morning
when i was sleeping the phone kept ringing
i woke up and see i got 2o something texts
i dont even know how i could write them back

then i took a shower got ready to go to school
i knew everything would be cool
i got prezzies and it made me smile
i could feel special for a while

school didnt take too long today
i thought that was it for my special day
so i went home and got into the internet which running so slow
and i couldnt believe i got all those happy birthday texts from people i dont even know

i was busy replying the posts
while my friend karti said she was on her way to my house
it was good even though we didnt do much anything
all we did was just facebooking and such things

then alda came by a bit later
but my keyboard teacher was already arrived so i told her
to join karti in my room and id meet after the class over
and it was too late because she gotta go for parkour

then i asked karti to go to the bookstore with me
and gita was on the net so i asked her too
and she wanted to go and i thought tonight im gonna be happy
well its much better than sitting all alone though

so we went there, i was looking for a book
i found that book in detos but i thought margo would be better
but i thought wrong so i gotta go to detos back
i didnt bring any cash but the book was expensive, bummer!
i gotta use the card but stupidly idk why it was failed
3 times trying, always been failed
oh thankfully i was lucky on the 4th one

going back to margo met gita and karti
we were freaking hungry
karti said she doesnt like pizza nor spaghetti
what a shame!

then it was time to go home
i didnt check my phone
if only i did i wouldnt have to spend my money on my own
cause my parents were on the way home
oh then i found there was nobody home
awesome :|

but to sum up today was friggin great
its almost been perfect
even if i thought it was just another day
well today was another great day

its not about the feeling of being bigger
nor the thought of being stronger
but getting older must get me mature
and be better after
thanks for today everyone :)


fajar said...

plok plok plok
*stading applause ceritanya*
aku suka kata kata di 2 paragraf terakhirnya lam :)

achlambasalamah said...

haha thanks fajar :)
blog lo beneran nganggur sampe akhir taun ajaran ntar nih?

fajar said...

haha ga juga sih lam,
tapi untuk skarang2 ini kand hidup aku dataaaaar banget -.- lagi ga ada yang perlu dibahas.

mending ga usah posting daripada isi blognya cuma ngebahas persiapan UN+SPMB (iieeww) ato ga tentang broken heart gitu

hahahaha :P

achlambasalamah said...

oh gue menangkap sindiran disana..

Anonymous said...

atau mungkin sarkasme?

Anonymous said...

sangat menarik, terima kasih