why on earth do i think i can contribute something to the society?

i am such a creepy monster
i like to tease people
ive been so evil
i mess everything
people hate me coz im mean
i am sucks
i see the world from my sick thoughts
i have no talents
i dont have best friends
i talk to myself like a retard
i cant find the right words
i cant share my feeling
i dont have good things
i cry myself at night
im the firefly who cant find the light
ive been so lost
i dont feel love
i am the heartless woman
and the stubborn one
i am insane
nobody wants to be with me
because i am horrible
i am not nice
i dont deserve anything
this world is just way too challenging
i am stupid
i think im funny when people dont
i want to punch their faces
i am mad
i am careless
i am the furthest thing of perfect
i am living a lie
i am annoying
im screaming in my pain
i hate the truth
the stars are watching from outside my window
the dolls are giving their fake smiles
the diary is covered by tears,
of a girl who has mood swings


fajar said...

ih koq nulis ginian sihhh????
achlam ga kayak gitu kali,
beneran deh :)

achlambasalamah said...

gue stress dengan essay2 itu waktu itu jar haha. tp emang kenyataan sih....