the only word i need from yous is 'amen'

im freakin addicted to essays! dammit.
Wherever i am, whatever i do, my brain is like finding words and trying to make a story. shit, i couldnt concentrate in anything, even when i had to say stop to mr. angkot driver, i said something stupid haha. well, i hope it could be a good sign.
theres no wishing stars out there, but i want to make some wishes. i dont believe in them tho, but hey i can still make wishes, God is watching me :)
*I wish ill get the scholarship to macalester
*i wish ill go to the philippines and see ren and beato, while im not busy with asean quiz
*I wish ill pass the final exams and make my olds proud of me
*I wish all my friends get their dream universities
*I wish all the wishes i prayed today will come true :)



fajar said...

amin :)

achlambasalamah said...

amin. makasih fajar haha

hanaspeakoutfrankly said...

gw bantuin doa deh de
best wishes for yuuu ! :D