holly holiday

yaay, christmas comes!

well no, i dont celebrate it but haaay, i do celebrate holiday! :'D so, thanks (lol srsly idk what to say)

anyways, i wonder what will happen in this holiday. firstly, holiday means no school, which means ill gain some more kilos :|
secondly, holiday always ruins my bed time. like, last nite i skyped with Dz till nearly 2 am. and i just woke up at 12 pm today lol
holiday is .. holiday. well what else you can do than going to cinema malls and wasting money?
right, the college entrance stuff is almost done, and im SO gonna enjoy this holiday.

and oooh, yesterday i went to margo with cina,ayin,gita,noni and met karti there, and we brutally ate pizzas, like, it was for 8 ppl but 5 of us could 'cleaned' it all. no actually it was me and cina ate the most, lol pigs.
then we went to j.co, this was the funny part. i wanted to buy a cup of yoghurt while i saw this thing. right, MOCHI! lol reminded me of those philippines days. anyways, then i asked cina to take a pic of me and my mochi yoghurt with my arrrsssh face. srsly, they didnt rlly understand but oh well, i told Dz that night while we were on skype, and she was like.. omg you got mochi there? in Indonesia? lol
that face, made me lol

and now, well i havent showered and its fkn hot here, i feel gross haha. i just need to post something here before i fly into my own world again. so yeah, merry xmas for those who celebrate it, happy holiday for all!
ill be back soon, :x

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