i think im supposed to write about the whole journey first, but im not in the mood for that lol. well ill just tell you about awesome ppl from 8 other countries.
meeting new people is always great, esp when we are different. and from the 4th ASEAN Quiz which was held in the Philippines, the most obvious thing i got is friendship. Rio and Michelle, from bogor and medan, were my team mate for representing Indonesia for the quiz. and then we met Dziep Chi and Tien from Vietnam, and Siddeq, Farah, and Adi from Brunei. the others were all nice, ill explain about them later, but these guys ive mentioned were the closest ones to us.
the funniest one is Dziep, from Vietnam. She could be mean and funny at the same time, which is great haha. and the last day Rio Dziep and I were like giggling all the times for talking shits :p we went to bed in the early morning. and at around 11, she had to go back to Vietnam. and it was quite sad, except the mochi choco balls thingy, and our mean convo. lol
and today i just talked to her, on msn, and continued with skype. i could see her meanly funny face haha. and again, we talked about the same thing. i mean srsly idk why i enjoyed that, not that i know im used to, but oh well maybe its just because im talking to her, to Dziep. well this is a compliment Dz! haha. and the coolest thing was, she wants to apply for macalester, bates, and carleton too. oh jeeeeez thats a fkn cool coincidence. haha i wish we can go together, like, srsly together. that would be very very very awesome.
ok i have to sleep now.


fajar said...


amiiiinnnnn smoga bisa ke US taun depan bareng sama temen vietnam itu :)

achlambasalamah said...

amin. thanks fajar hahaa kocak lo komenin semua postingan gue :p