the journey

Finally im back again. now ill write the things i wrote when i was in the phil for ASEAN Quiz. Oh, and i represented Indonesia with Rio and Michelle. heres the story, enjoy!

Day 1, Nov 29th 2009
- Had to be in airport (Soekarno Hatta) at 10 p.m, at around 6 Rio told me to make something for presentation. Rifa helped me out :) 7.30 took a bath
- 8.30 at Jl Raya Bogor. Traffic's hell! Turned around, took the other way, via Jatijajar
- Traffic... Around 10 Rio (and Bu Henny and Bu Ary) were already at the airport. Michelle and I were on our ways
- 10.15 arrived at airport, together with Michie
- around 11 pm, Joey arrived, gave us our prizes, took pictures, he couldnt go because his passport wasnt ready yet. doh
- anyways his camera battery was low, he took pics by using Rio's cam.. see what i mean? lol

Day 2, Nov 30th 2009

- around 00.50 am, flew to the Philippines! window seat, i was hoping to see the city at night. but oh well, it was all dark
- around 2, breakfast came. the earliest breakkie ive ever had (or was it dinner?)
- tried to sleep after, Michelle and bu Ary were already sleeping. Rio? dont bother asking, he couldnt even close his mouth lol. me? staring at the stars, moon, and some city lights. it was all beautiful! i thanked God for everything i could see, almost cried. lol me being sensitive
- around 3 something, sleeeeeeeeeeeeping. finally!
- around 5, the flight attendance announced the arrival time, woke me up. oh my glourious 2 hours for sleeping..
- around 5.30, arrived at the Philippines. Mabuhay! :'D
- 5.30 - 6 am waited for the luggage. It took forever, esp for bu Ary, her luggage was comin late. and i got no signals there. crap
- 6 am, goin outside, Ninna from the 4th ASEAN Quiz picked us up. With all those cameras and TV show thingy, we needed to say something, telling we were ready to rock Manila. lol i personally said : "Selamat Pagi! Im xx from Indonesia, Philippines will be rocked" lol embarrassing... and i wasnt ready for that lol, and we had to like pretend that theres no cameras, and we were on tv. yess i know right i was born to be a star ;D
- 7.30 arrived at Richmonde Hotel at Ortigas Centre, Pasig City, Philippines. Checked in, had breakfast, then slept.
- 12 pm, woke up. tried to text Ren, failed. until Michelle got credits. yup XL got signals there but its way too expensive =(
- 1.30 went to Megamall for lunch with all Indo crew.
- 3 pm, Shakey's! ate the package meal, cant remember the name tho. lol at my teaspoon sized memory. Magic did our orders! lol magic's the name of the waiter, a feminine guy. its magic! lol
- 3.30 separated with coaches, took a look at some shops, bought new sim cards for us
- 4.30 REN AND BEATO CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))
- had a little tour with them. reunion thingy was cool! Astig! << bye ="(" trip ="(" id="gwProxy" type="hidden">

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