please dont be sad :(

so you feel like youre too dumb to do anything
you feel like youve wasted all your time
you feel like youre the last one to stay
you feel like youre the lowest of all
you feel like youll never be good enough for everyone
even worse, people talk shits about you

you try to ignore
you fail
you try to run away
you fail
you try to disappear
you fail
people are always around
laugh at you and your failure
make you feel like a total loser
things that make you feel you cant go any further
you think youre sucks
you think youre screwed and fucked up
and you think everythings over, your life is over

but here you go
through all those shits happened to you
whatsoever happened,
you still feel, you still try, you still think
while others can only laugh
can only talk shits about you and your life
they dont feel how you feel
they dont try to walk away
they dont even think that what theyve done is annoying

now here you go
you see everything differently
you care about your life more than others do
you laugh with those who laugh at you
you find the light in your dark heart
youre gonna be just fine, cause
things will never let you down

right, this words are made for cheering those who think theyre not good enough in whatever they do, and people seem make fun of it. im not good at saying good things, but i do know words can make you feel better.

p.s: just in case you need to talk, i wanna say ill be there for you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Author lamzone.blogspot.com !
I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I am assured. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

achlambasalamah said...

hahaha well this was made actually for two people i know. and sorry since you are anonymous and im famous, anyways, i dont know you! lol but i guess.. oh well lets discuss!

fajar said...

oooooooww so sweet banget lo lam :)

anyway tuh anonymous siapa lam? haha ciee achlam

achlambasalamah said...

gaktau jar, i think its gita. but idk