random chat, random peeps, same shits

Fhun : hey! merry christmas! =D
me : merry christmas :)
Fhun : do you celebrate christmas there?
me : nope lol do you?
Fhun : me neither


me : heyyyy im goin out with dilla today :D
uli : omg i wanna go with you two too
me : nah you cant its only for cool peeps
uli : yeah whatever im goin with my cool friends too today
me : why do they wanna go with you? HAHA
uli : shit you!


dziep : why are you up so late?
me : idk im a batgirl
dziep : .. bad girl?
me : nap by day stay at night
me : naah, bat girl like one in batman
dziep : batgirls are supposed to be sexy.....but you're....
dziep : kinda breaking that rule
dziep : .....
dziep : so im doubting that
dziep : no comebacks
dziep : its obviously true
dziep : so dont even try to come up with a comeback okay?
dziep : LOL gotcha

(now you know whos mean! arrsshh haha!)


ill keep posting some random chats like this. ooh yeah i shouldve posted the 'hot' part lol.

batgirls standing off

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