so upset!

dear you! (wish i could ever say this directly to you!)

ive never been so jealous like this before, and i think im upset now.
idk what else a girl in my position to do. its like, i expect something unexpected, like, srsly it sucks. if only i knew this from the very beginning, i would never ever EVER want you to be there. why could you be so nice to me? why could you treat me that way? why could it be her, my best best friend? and why on earth can i be so upset like this, despite the fact that i never talk to you again since that day yet i used to be SO in love with you. true, i keep telling my self that i USED to like you a bit more than a friend, like, used to. but i think thats a lie that i keep forcing myself to believe. and damn yeah now i am so upset. sorry for being so selfish or whatsoever you name it, i know that the feeling is killing you too (or not?) but yeah, im so angry because you let it happened to me! and my friend.. shes kinda happy with her new life i guess, theres no place for you jerk. live with that!

the worst of all, i like you like i do before, and i dont think itd change soon. fuck!
yeah its you again, who made me write those cheesy things. and now, you make me write this. omg whats wrong with me. fuck

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