new years rhapsody

2009 was very great. met so many great people that changed my life. even if i didnt achieve some of my 2008 resolutions, even though there were so many things 'slapped' me on the face, it was still wonderful. i just wanna thanks these people for the influence they gave to me
* Rafadi : OMG dude thanks SO SO SOOOOO much! everything wouldnt be this 'sweet' and 'easy' without you lol. thanks a bunch :D ..... idk how many times ive said thanks. its just never enough to show how thankful i am srsly
* Gita : thanks dude, for your sarcasm and 'funny' jokes, and everything good you did to me (even if you didnt admit), thanks for being a great editor haha, and being there when i didnt even want to be there for myself. thanks
* Dien : haha youre one of the funniest person in the world i know. thanks for coloring my world with your stupid activities haha
* Karti : omg the end of the year convo, how could i forget? thanks for 'slapping' me and bringing me back to the real world. shit haha i know that sounds lame, but srsly, thanks :)
* Yasmin : thanks for everything. i think ill never ever forget the last deep convo we had; the what if game in the bus, and the dare and dare game whatsoever, it made me sure that youre still my best best best friend, even if shits happened. thanks min <3
* MF : thanks dudes for knowing me the most. Kopong, Tante, 'drag me... move me...' haha thanks guys! meow...
* Dad&Mum : i know ive been such a bad daughter with everything i did, but thanks for always being patient in making me right. the bad things i did were srsly a lesson for me. thanks Bah,Ma i love you <3
* those who made me pissed : thanks, without yous i wouldnt be this tough hahaha
* everyone i met, including you : thanks for being there when idk where i was, thanks for everything. i heart yous! :D

yah, thats all for 2009. now, welcome 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the end of the year and the beginning of this year were apparently not good, but its alright i can live with that. anyways, here are some resolutions that i wish will work this year.. nah they HAVE to work out ;p

1. US................... omg, i rlly hope this will work
2. licence....... i know its my last year resolution lol, hope this will work too
3. Fhun and Tamara! ....... omfg theyre coming to Indo!!! i have to meet them this year. i must!

yeah, those are the things i must achieve, like, the others are not that important so id better not writing them teehee.

'shits happened but thats what make me be this strong'
happy new years people!