new year 'new' me

going back to the normal life after 'busy' wasted money and times last holiday is quite hard. no more stay up late at night and no more wake up at 11 in the 'morning'. as the holiday over and the school began, what obviously changed is the situation. damn i can see people in my class are all having additional books for studying, like all of them! i for some reasons had also bought some extra books -i bought them doesnt mean i read them, kind of- , but what surprised me was the willing to study is naturally increased, as the final exams will be held in like less than 3 months from now. wowzers.
i feel like sometimes i wanna study, i know that sounds a bit weird, but yeah srsly i sometimes want to study! (damn how hard is it for you to believe?) i even think that i should pray more often, like wake up in the middle of the night for tahajud besides completing my 5-times a day praying (right, i know i deserved 90 for religion :) but, uh well i think i will do that later. im now concentrating on having enough sleep because i have to wake up in like 5 everyday. dont let me complaining now!

the other 'obstacle' comes from internet. like srsly i decided to stay off of facebook for a while, failed. to reduce the time of using internet, i can say it also failed. and yeah, now i rlly need to reduce my internet time, facey is okay but i promise i wont use it that often. so yeah i better keep my promise or i will get something bad.. not really.
this is awkward, i sound like ive changed so much (in the studying case). its new year i know, but for a lazy ass like me? my parents shouldve been proud of having an awesome kid like me! lol i even hope that this will last long, like after the final exams stuff ill still have this 'spirit' and stuff, but oh well. i really hope ill get a good result in april 1st, so that i dont have to study for simak and other things. *keep my fingers crossed*

and i promise if im accepted at one of the colleges i applied for in the states i will learn to dance tari topeng or other indonesian traditional dance! take this for serious.

happy studying nerdies!

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