a baby boy

this is weird. i saw a boy with his mum today, and i -for the second time of my life- thought that i want a boy. like srsly i wanna have a baby boy, a son! naaah its not like i wanna get married right after i graduate nor i want to adopt a boy now, i just think its funny to have a boy. despite the fact that i might die in the process of giving birth or i might have to loose my body shape whatsoever, dont you think its good to have a baby????? yes? yes? good? oh well..

the first time the thought came was when i went with mum to my brother's school to take his report. after waiting for like forever finally his teacher called out his name. mum -and me of course- went to talk to the teacher and stuff. this was when it comes! srsly i found it waaaay cool to see mum and the teacher talked, as if they had known each other for long, talking about my brother, laughing, talking again about other things and blah. i didnt say anything at all, i know i just went because mum asked me too (im such a nice girl i knowww!) but awkwardly i wanted to have a son/daughter that time so that i could go take their reports. hah i know thats weird... *turtle hand*

the second time, today, i was on my way home and i saw this little boy with his mum. the boy was very cute, like, omg hes just so small and cute haha. and the way he talked to his mum was cute too. funny to see his mum told him not to do this and that, and the boy was like 'oh okay i wouldnt do that' or 'what if i do this' and his mum answered his questions and he was like smiling and nodding his little head. wait its not because i like the boy, im not a pedophile, i just like the way the mother and son communicate and think i could do the same to my future son.

right i know this topic is weird....

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fajar said...

hahaha lagi kenapa lo lam?