glossy lips ain't look good on you

How do you feel when you see someone doing things that in fact can harm themselves? Like, you know and they know and everybody knows it doesn't bring any good but they still do it. I'm talking about this fried-ish snack on y school canteen (if it can be qualified as a canteen). It's so disgusting seriously, with all those inappropriate oils and dirty newspapers as the wrapper, and also the sweaty guy who makes those rubbish, people should think thousand times before they decide to consume it!

I, who never meant to be this know-all lady, have told them for like so many times. It's for their fucking health. I just try to be nice by telling them this, but apparently they choose not to hear me. Yes I know, they might think like 'who are you? it's my food and you have nothing to do with it because it's not your fucking business' but hello people, because I CARE about you and your life I don't want you to spend your money on things that will make you spend more money on paying those hospital bills or something. It's true! I just told my friends -those who I think I love- I never told people I don't know, not because I don't care about them, but simply because I don't have the right to make the seller stops earning money. So, could you please listen to me this time only, those yellow-ish thing that makes your lips look glossy will kill you. It will. Cancer, cholesterol, or other diseases I don't know. If you buy it for the sake of getting cheap foods, why don't you bring foods from home? Some healthy snacks from your mummy are much better. I don't care about what people say about my homey snacks, at least I won't end up at hospital. So if you are smart enough, I guess you can choose.

Again I say I don't have right to force you not to buy things you want, but I suggest you to think before buying them. I have decided to be allergic to them, and I hope, you don't eat them anymore, or at least not in front of me. Thanks for your cooperative I appreciate that!

It's your life, fellas! but please think about it because you can do better without it!



Anonymous said...

want my 2 cents on the subject? (probably not) i don't think you're a know it all by trying to prevent us from eating junk because in more ways than one you are absolutely right but sometimes old dogs take longer to learn new tricks, and i'm not going to lie, they taste pretty good to me. i didn't grow up eating caviar or sushi, i grew up eating street food and i may as well die eating street food.

achlambasalamah said...

yea its your choice but ugh its utterly disgusting dont you know that my friend? um, in your case, you always bring foods to school. why oh why you buy that thing omg???!!! oh why I concern too much about this case is probably because... I dont wanna see my friends dying *sigh* hahaha I dont wanna end up in police office being asked as an eyewitness!

Anonymous said...

because you get hungry after a while! haha what i bring to school is my breakfast and you know how cruel the school hours are. there are worse things out there. swimming pools drown more people than guns kill but that doesn't stop everyone from going to the pool now does it?
if i wrote a note saying "please do not ask achlam to testify in court when i die from food poisoning" in my will, would you feel better? :), im cutting down by the way! i hope you're happy! lol

achlambasalamah said...

haha its different! swimming pool is good for HEALTH and the junk is not! see that capital letters.
and, yeah I'm happy, for YOU! just bring more foods then, dont give it to the cat, but if you have to, please please wash your hands!!!! lol